Visitors to our little shop in Bala will first notice a window display which concentrates on showing you a sample of the turned wood items that we make. This work is unique, we don’t make it for sale elsewhere and we don’t stock turned wooden work produced by anyone else.

Step into the shop and you will see a wider range of wooden items; you might even notice the wonderful smells of timber and of the finishes that we use. Bowls, vases, stools, candlesticks and platters, as well as a myriad of smaller items both decorative and functional may all be there, so if you’re searching for that extra special item to adorn your home, or as a gift for someone special, why not talk to us about a private commission.

At Pren, we also stock a small range of craft-ware carefully chosen to complement our range of handmade, wooden turnings. Several local craft-workers supply us with a range of slate, ceramic, woollen and wooden items, all produced locally.

Much of the shop is given over to a range of home accessories from clocks to candles, from animal sculptures to lanterns of all shapes and sizes, our range of home accessories is chosen to reflect the general ‘feel’ of the shop at Pren, we have items from just a few centimetres long to 80cm clocks, for the garden or for the interior of your home.