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Here’s something we’ve been keeping under wraps for a while. Several months ago, I was contacted by the editor of “Woodturning”, a magazine with greater circulation figures than any other craft-based magazine, world-wide. Indeed, it is published in over 60 different countries, and they wanted to publish a profile article about me. It was to be about five pages long and published in the spring of this year…..and today, it landed on my doormat.

The process involved a virtual-interview and then careful selection of images to support the story. I am very, very grateful to Heledd Wyn Roberts, a professional photographer who joined me in the process and spent a few evenings at the shop, teaching me to photograph my work effectively, then at my workshop where I took a selection of “action shots”, just to satisfy the editor that I would be able to provide images of the quality that modern printing techniques demand. Finally, Heledd came to my little studio workshop at Pren one evening to take a few shots of me working; it has to be said that whilst my photography skills improved quite dramatically, my efforts still stand in the shade compared with Heledd’s.

Click here to view Heledd’s work

Woodturning Magazine – June 2018

The article is already paying dividends. The editor likes my style of writing and likes my work, so I have just completed a technical feature article for the magazine, which will take ten to twelve pages and will be published across two months, commencing in July, and I’m already thinking of more articles to write.

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