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It’s that time of year again when we open the Helfa Gelf exhibition at Oriel Brondanw, and this afternoon I attended the private viewing and official opening.

Brondanw is a gallery based in the family home of Clough Williams-Ellis and his wife, Annabel, who worked together on his artistic and professional  project to build the Italianate village at Portmeirion, but it was here at Brondanw where they experimented with their vision and built many an Italianate feature into their own home and garden. The estate is now in the hands of its trustees, who are mostly the now-adult grandchildren of Clough and Annabel, and the trust has set up the home as a gallery to showcase Welsh art. The gallery’s curator, Dylan Williams, and his assistant, have done an amazing job in hanging and presenting the artwork and I am very grateful to them  for including my work. Also there have been two members of the Helfa Gelf crew who have worked behind the scenes to liaise between the artists and the gallery staff, so it’s a bit “Thank you” to Val and Sue for all their efforts in getting this exhibition off the ground. I am sure that they must all be very pleased with their efforts, this afternoon.

This year I have had three pieces of work accepted into the exhibition, which runs until Sunday, 7th November.

Here’s the first of those pieces, “Derw a Chopr”  –  “Oak and Copper”

Next is the huge ash bowl that I turned a few weeks ago from a lump of ash which had come from the site of a broken-off branch, and which had slowly been engulfed in new growth, known as recovery wood.

…and finally, “Tarian”, a wall hanging sculpture in walnut, reminiscent of a Celtic shield.

….and here’s a snapshot of the work of some of the other artists who are exhibiting at Brondanw/Helfa Gelf this year,

I really couldn’t write a blog about art at Brondanw, without including images of this amazing country house, which is an artwork in itself, so here’s a few snapshots of the outside of the house and the gardens.

If you live close enough and can get to Oriel Brondanw, it’s at Llanfrothen, which is just a few miles inland from Porthmadog and Portmeirion, it’s well worth a visit for both the Helfa Gelf exhibition and to visit the house and gardens.


If you’d like to make a comment about the exhibition, about Helfa Gelf or about Brondanw, do please write something in the “Leave a Reply” box, below.

Thanks for reading…Les

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