Bronze Age Beaker….reproduced in wood!

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90 Years ago, a gang of roadmen in the village of Llanharry in South Wales, made an amazing discovery, a grave, complete with skeleton and drinking vessel, and the whole thing was more than 4,000 years old. It turned out to be a grave of a member of a semi-nomadic race known as “Beaker Man”, or “Beaker Folk” and it was the ceramic beaker which important individuals were buried, which gave them their title.

The orignal beaker, which is now in the National Museum of Wales, in Cardiff, was very crudely made of ceramic and decorated with a series of dots, scratched or poked into the surface with a sharp implement, possible a shard of broken animal bone. My version, which was made for an article for “Woodturning” magazine, is made of Leylandi and the decoration was painstakingly burnt into the surface, spot by spot…..and there’s over 12,000 of them.

The magazine is published in over 60 countries worldwide and is the widest published craft based magazine, bar none!

The article was published a few days ago, in the May edition of the magazine. Here’s a few screenshots of the pages….

If you want to read more about the beaker, you can find plenty of references to it online, as either the Llanharry Beaker Man, or the Naboth Vineyard Beaker

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