Scorched and scoured

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Our own shop is going to be closed for quite a few weeks, so a lot of our stock is being sent to local and regional galleries, and what has been very noticeable has been that some curators favour our scorched and scoured stock. Indeed, one gallery chose only pieces using that technique. Therefore I am making new pieces to add to our stock and I’ve just made a submission to a gallery I’ve used just once before, so fingers crossed that they like what they see.

The first piece is a big, deep bowl made from a very soft, punky piece of spalted beech. It has been beaded before scorching, with a single, large bead kept un-burnt, then rubbed with silver gilt-cream. It measures 29cm x 16cm.

Secondly, a wide, shallow bowl in oak, with a heavily beaded and scorched outside and rim. It measures 36cm x 9cm.

Next, a sycamore burr bowl that I made a few months ago. It has a scorched bead detail, with gold gilt cream rubbed into the bead, and it measures 26cm x 10cm.

Fourthly, a wide rimmed oak bowl with a scorched, bark effect rim which measures an overall 37cm x 9cm.

….and finally, a pair of wall hanging platters, one in oak, the other in walnut, each with scorched details…..

…let’s hope that the gallery likes at least some of them!

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