Friends and Neighbours

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Since the temporary demise of our shop we have been approached by other business owners in Bala with some very kind offers of help. In the first few days after the shop was closed down we had been assured by our builder that it was very temporary and that in a couple of weeks we’d be open again, so we didn’t accept the initial offers of help, most of which were for displaying and/or selling my bowls at their premises.

However, as time went by we were informed that the issues with the building were much more serious than was initially thought, so we needed a plan to get the bowls selling again. Luckily, this problem coincided with my work being displayed at a few regional galleries, so I was able to distribute some of the stock immediately and by the end of the second week of closure, when we realised that we needed a replacement venue in Bala, our friends at Oriel Tan yr Hall (our local artists’ cooperative gallery) came to our rescue.

Today I put a batch of twelve assorted bowls together, printed labels for them and delivered them to Tan yr Hall. I’m really pleased with the display; we’re on a large table right inside the door, so fingers crossed that we do well there….at least we got set up in time for the August Bank Holiday.

A huge thank you to all those friends who offered to help. Our entire stock of turned items has now been removed from the now-damp conditions at the shop,  and has been re-distributed around the region. The nature of our business has undergone quite a change, temporarily, so let’s hope that things settle down soon and we get back to normal!


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