Still scorching!

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We’ve had good news from a couple of the galleries that we’ve sent work to, with bowls and pots starting to sell, so we’ve been out and about over the last week or two, keeping the stock levels high at each venue and if there’s been one type of bowl that all have wanted, it’s been the scorch-pots, so I’ve just finished yet another little batch.

This latest collection has a few new techniques and finishes, so here’s a round-up, but first a group photo…

Firstly, a timber I rarely get to use, it has a wonderful smell, sweet and heady, a bit like cherry pie-filling. It’s called Afromosia and this one has been partially beaded, scorched, then rubbed with silver gilt cream

…then comes a little piece of (wormy) elm burr, with much the same treatment as the afromosia, but using copper instead of silver…

This one’s my favourite; the smallest of the batch but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its features. An end-grain laburnum put which has been scorched, scoured clean and then¬† had its grain packed with copper… ¬†

….next. a little piece of cracked oak with mad, swirly grain, a band of clean grain whilst the rest of the outside has been beaded, scorched and lime waxed…

I rarely scorch sycamore because it doesn’t usually have a distinct grain pattern, but I fancied trying something different, so I scorched the rim and interior, then ran a few scorch-lines onto the exterior.

….and finally, a rather lovely piece of mottled walnut that nearly went onto the firewood pile because it had so many splits and cracks in it…I’m glad I saved it!

I’ll probably have a break from scorching for a while….but then again, I might not!

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