…another year starts and another couple of doors fly open!

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Following-on from last week’s blog, we have had some good news regarding our bought-in stock and my own work. We were contacted a few months ago with a view to staging a two-month display of my work at a new arts venue in an unusual setting. “The Lodge” is what might best be described as a ladies’ haute couture venue and as a part of their plans for developing the business, they are hosting guest artists for two months each, to display and sell their work.

This is something quite different for me and I was a little nervous about setting up a display in such a well known retail outlet. Well, the display was set up last Friday night and opened to the public on Saturday. We have a couple of bays of shelves and they’re looking rather full; let’s hope that we sell!

Meanwhile, our friends Keli and Ian have opened an amazing new premises in Bala. Known as “The Goddess Temple of Bala”, it is a place of meditation and a small shop which stocks all manner of items linked to many myths, legends and histories of our wonderful land, and especially of Ceridwen and of Branwen, whose stories many of you might be familiar with. I am starting to make unique pieces for them to stock, but it will take a while to get this under way. Meanwhile, Keli and Ian have had a good search through our bought-in stock and have selected about 50% of it as being suitable for them, so it was moved piece-meal between Christmas and New Year, which has been a great help to us in our task of emptying Pren.

Their shop is still in its infancy, but has already proven to be very popular amongst both local people and visitors who have an interest in these ancient tales. Why not pay them a visit, especially if you’re looking for the type of stock that we used to hold.

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