Lockdown Garden

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Lockdown Garden

With all the shops and galleries closed where I normally sell, and with demonstrations cancelled and all one-to-one teaching on hold, we’re not exactly busy with the usual things, so our time has been mostly spent working on the house and the garden. With that finished, I decided to spruce-up the workshop a little (well, a lot, really).

I’ve been wanting a decent store area for slabs of timber, all my yew and laburnum branchwood (there’s a lot of it) and all the awkward shaped lumps, big and small, that take up so much room in the other store-rooms.

I have a store of square and round blocks and blanks in our old garage and a shed with a few ton of timber in, drying slowly, but this new store is for dried/seasoned timber, so I wanted it right outside the workshop door. I’d already built a lean-to canopy there, which was very handy and kept the rain off the door on wintry days when I wanted to work with the door open, so the canopy gradually acquired walls and became an open-fronted shed.

Several months ago I managed to find a couple of hundred small paving slabs that were being retrieved from a garden near Wrexham; they were ideal for what we wanted and great to be able to recycle a product, to say nothing of the fact that it saved us a lot of hard-earned money.

I’m really pleased with the result, but one thing that was letting it down was a rather tatty door to the workshop, so that’s been replaced and a metal cabinet outside the door to act as storage for the inflammable chemicals that I’d rather have outside. All I need now are the students to return after lockdown…..I hope that they appreciate the changes!

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