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Those who know me will certainly know that I am far from comfortable with internet-based marketing, beyond keeping my web-site, Facebook and Instagram pages running, so when I was contacted by “Welsh Treasures”, with a view to marketing my work through an exciting new web site, that they would be running, I became very interested.

Welsh Teasures is the brainchild of Claire Silverwood, who has a background in retail management, especially in the field of buying locally sourced products here in North Wales. Claire spotted a niche-market opportunity that suited her marketing skills, and the result is a very professionally produced web site that we’re delighted to be a part of.



The web site is packed full of images of the Welsh Countryside, which gives it a very welcoming feel and helps to promote the whole concept of artisan-made products.

I have committed to keep ten very varied pieces of my work, in store here at home. Each piece has been photographed from two or three different angles and when any product sells, the payment goes directly to Welsh Treasures, who deduct their commission and the rest, plus any postage charges, is sent on to us at Pren. Thus we get full payment before our goods are posted to the customer, which strikes me as being a very safe arrangement.

Most of my work is listed under the Heading of “Wood, Slate and Copper”.

We also have a couple of three-legged stools in their “Furniture” classification.

A huge “Thank you” to Claire and here’s to a very successful future for the Welsh Treasures web site…..and hopefully some extra sales!

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