Moral Compass!

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My latest article for “Woodturning” magazine takes me into something I’ve not tried before. In fact, I’ve often looked at the pivot points of tools like pliers and wire cutters, and wondered how on earth such pivot points could be made for wooden items, such as a workshop pair of compasses or dividers. With that in mind, I dissembled a large wooden pair of compasses that I bought many years ago and fathomed it all out, then designed an improved instrument with lots of options for the woodturner built into it.

This has been quite a change from the big, heavy bowls that I like to make, and I had to be very precise with measurements and with both hand and lathe-work. Several of the components were lathe-turned, but the two main components which form the pivot points, were hand cut; everything being made from beech, which is a fairly dense, close-grained timber well suited to tool-making.

So there it is, with options to use a pencil, a stick of chalk or a felt pen fro marking the circles. I look forward to using it and to seeing the article printed in Woodturning Magazine.

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